Britt in Malmo

About Britt Holmström

Britt Holmström was born in Malmö, Sweden, but has lived in Canada most of her life. She published her first novel, Peppermint-Gin, in Sweden while still a teenager, sold the film rights to it, then moved to Canada and stopped writing while pursuing various strange careers, including fashion design and a Masters degree in microbiology. She began writing fiction again in 1998, and has since then published six novels and one short story collection in English, all to rave reviews. Her latest books are the memoir Livet och sånt – enligt en gammal tant (2022) and the historical novel Nasty Girl Seeks Happiness (2020) (Swedish Satmara söker lyckan). She has translated all her English novels into her first language, Swedish. She lives in Dundas, Ontario.


About Nicholas Ruddick

Nicholas Ruddick was born in Salford, England and educated at Manchester Grammar School and the University of London. He came to Canada in 1974 to do graduate work at McMaster University. From 1982 to 2016 he taught at the University of Regina, and produced many academic books and articles, especially on science fiction. He has been called Canada’s leading scholar of science fiction. Since retirement, he produced a popular photo blog about Dundas and the surrounding area, and more recently, photo blogs about Ontario hiking trails on this website. His latest books are The Trans-Siberian Quartet: Beijing to St. Petersburg by Train (2023) and The Bruce Trail End to End: Niagara to Tobermory the Hard Way (2021). He enjoys performing in community theatre.

B & N

About Britt and Nick

They met in Hamilton, Ontario in 1976 and were married in Dundas in 1979. After living in a variety of Canadian cities, they decided that none could match Dundas and moved back there in 2015. They have a son and a daughter … and two granddaughters.