Britt Holmström

Novels in English

The Man Next Door  (1998)

The Wrong Madonna  (2002)

Claudia (2008)

Falling for the Devil (2012)

Sit up Straight! (2017) (as by “Polly Casati”)

Nasty Girl Seeks Happiness (2020)

Story Collection in English

Leaving Berlin (2011)

Novels in Swedish

Peppermint-Gin (1968)

Mannen som ropade på hjälp (2017) (translation of The Man Next Door, 1998)

Vad hände med barnet? (2017) (translation of The Wrong Madonna, 2002)

Snacka om fisförnämt! (2017) (translation of Claudia, 2008)

Av Djävulen förledd (2018) (translation of Falling for the Devil, 2012)

Satmara söker lyckan (2020) (translation of Nasty Girl Seeks Happiness, 2020)

Sitt rak i ryggen! (2020) (translation of Sit up Straight!, 2017, as by “Polly Casati”)

Story Collection in Swedish

Himlen Ovanför (2020) (translation of Leaving Berlin, 2011)