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Click here for the latest episode of Nick’s new photo blog, Around the Head of Lake Ontario.

Nick’s new book, The Bruce Trail End to End: Niagara to Tobermory the Hard Way, is now available in both paperback and ebook formats from Amazon worldwide.

Click here to check out the description on Amazon.ca!

Mike and Nick are off on a new adventure! Check out the latest episode of Nick’s new photoblog, Highlights of the Great Trail: The Niagara River, which is now complete in twelve parts.

Britt’s new novel, Nasty Girl Seeks Happiness, was published on 17 July 2020!

Set in 1920s Paris and 1930s Berlin, it’s another of her utterly compelling examinations of the dark side of the human psyche.

It’s now available in either paperback or Kindle formats via Amazon.com

And you can read it in a Swedish version too!

The Bruce Trail, closed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, reopened on 2 June 2020.

Mike and Nick finished the Trail on 7 November 2020!

There are links to all 72 parts of the photo blog at The Bruce Trail End-to-End

There’s now a Bruce Trail End-to-End Index to help you find the subject you’re looking for in the photo blog.

And you might want to check out Nick’s photo blog of the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail, which is now complete.