Sit up Straight!



Paperback (2017).  Cover by Winston Rowntree. 286 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1520446547; ISBN-10: 1520446543.
Kindle eBook (2017). 291 pp.
Poor Gina Cunningham. Single mother, history professor, fed up with men, fed up with her know-it-all colleagues, fed up with her profoundly boring parents, even more fed up with her spoiled, lying, willful teenage daughter, Thea. What to do at this stage of life? Self-pity has become an embarrassing burden. Her life is dull. Her suggestion to herself is: how about growing up at long last? Take responsibility for your life? Sounds like a plan. So where to start? Well, she is a professor. How about doing that research she has been toying with for years now? Do research like real professors do!
She applies for a grant to research the Scottish witch hunts, and she would have got it, only the grant agency is in the USA, and this is the Bush era with all the Christian right out in full force. Witches are just not on the agenda. This is enough to turn Gina into an ill-tempered witch. It feels good. She decides to go to Scotland anyway, financing it herself and to hell with everybody else.
Though there is one small (well, not so small) problem: daughter Thea who has just graduated from high school. Gina cannot leave Thea alone, especially not with her dumb-ox jock boyfriend around. Nor can she leave her with her dull parents, the very thought which makes Thea threaten murder and mayhem (or spending a month in a dark closet without food and water).
Solution: bring the protesting Thea along to Scotland. How bad can it be? Well, something is bound to happen, isn’t it? Thea does not invade a country without leaving a mark.