The Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail Part 3

Nicholas Ruddick

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Part 3: Dundas Valley, From the Trail Centre to Highway 52 (Early Spring) 


The Dundas Valley Trail Centre is perhaps the most significant crossroads for hikers in southern Ontario. At this point the Bruce Trail crosses the Rail Trail, and if you follow the white oblong blazes of the Bruce you’ll end up 132 km away at Queenston Heights on the Niagara River. Follow the blazes in the other direction, and you’ll end about 766 km away at Tobermory between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. If you’re not feeling so energetic, follow the red circles and do the 3.4 km Main Loop, which takes about 90 minutes and allows you to sample the beauties of the Dundas Valley. And many of the other Valley Trails start from the Centre or connect with the Main Loop.

But we are bound for Brantford! The next section of the Rail Trail climbs gently out of the Dundas Valley. Such was the skill of the late Victorian railway engineers that you’re hardly aware that the former TH & B track scales the Niagara Escarpment as it heads west.

This part of the Rail Trail is relatively busy on a fine early spring day. This is a true multi-use trail, and some of the many ways it can be enjoyed include:


Getting out with the whole family …



… or getting away from them for a while.



Watching the trout lilies unfurl …



… or wondering if those triliums should be trilia.



Being a power couple …



… or suffering the loneliness of the long-distance runner.



Pausing for reflection …



… or losing oneself in the heart of the forest.


Riding a white horse …



… or dreaming of a pony.



Thinking on the Departed …



… or riding into the sunset.

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